Emergency lighting


Self-contained luminaire for double-sided backlit signalling with very high uniformity. Comprised of one profile and frame extruded in synthetic material, optic group via LGP plate with laser marking for optimum internal reflection. Doble-sided light output requiring the selection of two emergency signs or opaque sheet if informing on only one-side is desired (see accessories). Dimensions of the sign 320x160 mm. Suitable for ceiling mounting. It has an LED light source that can be turned on/off as desired with an independent input (LUM input). The same light source will provide lighting for a certain amount of time if the Mains voltage fails. An internal microprocessor checks the status of the device and periodically performs functional and autonomy tests, reporting on their status by means of a dual-colour LED. Luminance of 500 cd/m² with mains supply.
  • Colour
  • Voltage
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  • ##TipoAcabado4##
  • ##TipoAcabado5##
  • ##TipoAcabado6##
  • ##TipoAcabado7##
  • ##TipoAcabado8##
  • Luminous flux (lm): 
  • Luminous flux in mains (lm): 
  • Operation: LED - AutoTest Maintained
  • Duration (h): 2
  • Emergency lamp: ILMLED
  • Charging indicator: LED
  • Protection rating: IP20 IK04
  • Electrical insulation: Type II
  • Remote control connection: No
See ref. accessories

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