Emergency lighting

SERIES Eco watertigth


Emergency luminaire with transparent diffuser. Suitable for surface-mounting or embedded in a solid ceiling/wall. It has a plug & play system with a fastening plate. Protection rating IP65 IK07

Series references:

Model ↓ Duration (h) Flux (lm) Emerg. lamp Remote connec.
ECO-ESLD P80 A 1 90 LED No
ECO-ESLD P80T A 1 90 LED Yes
ECO-ESLD P130-2 A 2 170 LED No
ECO-ESLD P130-2T A 2 170 LED Yes
ECO-ESLD P130-3 A 3 130 LED No
ECO-ESLD P130-3T A 3 130 LED Yes
ECO-ESLD P220 A 1 220 LED No
ECO-ESLD P220T A 1 220 LED Yes
ECO-ESLD P300 A 1 320 LED No
ECO-ESLD P300T A 1 320 LED Yes
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